In order to keep the commitment of promise to you all, I have received approval to provide you all with a simple but important update from F1 Hoverpod Racing and it’s associated companies/team members. This relates to some very important research that has been undertaken by the Research Department at a very reputable institution.

The research found that in many cheap and inferior products on the market, a common fault has been identified with the hull structure which ultimately resluts in failure. The companies to whom are suffering such a catastrofic Reaction to their product failures have created a simple and cheap patch that is glued into place to help stregthen the offending problem area. Oh dear !!!.

Quality is something to which F1 Hoverpod Ltd will not compremise for whatever reason. Lets face it, you can cover a fault with a band aid but in reality the problem should never be their in the first place. Remeber the Titanic ?

F1 Hoverpod Ltd and it’s associate company F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Ltd has spent over 18 months researching this inherent problem to which in itself is a design fault and could have been prevented if the correct procedures and qualified designers had been involved.

F1 Hoverpod Manufacture has recently made a significant breakthrough in composite weave and materials with a solution that will be a world first. In addition, with a ground breaking hull design, the longevity of the structure is ensured from the outset.

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