I have just arrived back from a short visit to Belgium which for some reason meant going through Holland (flight & transfer) at a time when the Dutch were about to play the Spanish in the final of the world cup. I would like to say here and now that despite the rather tough and some may say less than sporty play by the Dutch, the atmosphere was 101% fantastic. It was almost a shame they lost !!!!!. smiley

Anyway, on the possitive front, the summer has arrived in the UK and despite many of our partners closing down for the summer break, we are still in action and pushing forward at a good rate of knotts. smiley
We wish all our fellow enthusiasts and amateur racers a very successfull summer and good luck in your events. Please observe safety at all time and keep an awareness for the environment as it’s the season of love for most animals in the UK.

Keep smiling

The Team Manager smiley