The Contravesy relating to “Patches” is apprently at the forefront of this blog, the reason…………………well, I suppose it’s easy to live in denial but “not fit for purpose or catastrophic failure is what it amounts to. smiley

For those who missed the “Reaction” to the comments posted recently, what I said was that I was aware of some lesser or cheaper hovercraft manufacturers turning out low grade products that were now being provided with a sticky patch on the hull in order to assist in longevity. OK !!. The reality is that this is an admission that the product has a failure area in the structure which sticky plasters or band aids will not ultimately help in the long term. They are mearly a short term answer and not a long term solution and to that end I stand by the comments. smiley

A solution can be reached by a total re-design of the hull structure and by using quality materials as used in both the aviation and marine industries, complete with a whole new design will erradicate the issue for good and remove the use of those Ugly Sticky Patches for ever. smiley

Here at F1 Hoverpod Racing we have one very simple policy which is to provide a world beating product and once again we are on course to achieve this. smiley

Team Manager
F1 Hoverpod Racing.