{World of Motor Sport News Update.}
{It was quite a dissapointing and in some ways rather sad day for all those who enjoy, follow and support Motor Sport. Todays news relates to F1 Motor Car Racing as the announcement from the FIA in relation to the team orders of Ferrari in the German Grand Prix of 2010 was announced rather quietly overnight and almost in seceret for whatever reason ?.}
{The result as the cynical might have expected rather negative with a “no further action to be taken” as the final outcome was announced late last night.} {For me and I sussspect many others is that it rather kills the some if not all of the excitement surrounding Motor Sport and if the rules are laid down for all to follow, why is there the exception for the team in red ?.}
{Over the period of August in F1 Motor Sport one of the most exciting things to come out of such a mid season period of Motor Sport was a real pleasure to watch and that was the worlds most experienced driver (Rubens) beating the Stig from Top Gear.} {On the downside, it was a sad day in the UK Courts when the Stig was finally revealed from under his white helmet.} {“When does confidentiality mean total confidentiality in the UK ”.} {Just because someone wants to sell a book, this should not signal that they mean they have every or any right to revoke on a confidentiality agreement actively in place to protect the secrecy of the individual if it had already been agreed at the outset to keep the privacy as part of the mistique of the theme.} {Once again, a bit of a let down and I hope a “New” and hopefully more loyal Stig can be found with the old one left trying to sell a book that nobody really wants in order to further his carreer !!!.}

{On a positive and more constructive note.}
{The whole philosophy behind F1 Hoverpod® Racing is that fairness but competitive spirit be the driving force behind all the race programs.} {In each and every race an identical product will be used. This is designed to be fairly tweaked in order to maximise the potential on the day and is presently in the process of being designed.} {This will provide many benefits ranging from either more thrust or greater lift so as to challenge the technicians to the max on the racing days.} {Whilst the standard vehicle (Manx GT) will all be the same standard, there are some features that will provide and allow the technical minded with the opportunity to manage greater air flow or additional lift in order to make the very best of the conditions on the race day.}
{Keep a very close eye on the web site at www.}{formulahoverpod.}{com and the many blogs in order to keep up with the progress at F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture. We make it our policy not to send your e-mail deatils to third partis and as such you are quite free to subscribe to our sites with 100% confidence. Please feel free to follow us on twitter at www.}{twitter.}{com/f1hoverpod}