How did January go so Quickly. Did I miss it ?

How did so much appear to happen in the world in sch a short space of time. Sometimes I feel the pace of life is gaining momentum and the time left is deminishing a little too quickly, I think they call it old age.

Anyway, now for some updated news from the World of Motor Sport. To our loyal and devoted readers of the blogs, you will recall that last week I reminded you all that it was 100 years of celebrating and enjoying the Monte Carlo Rally. I’m sure that many petrol heads were well aware of this well known fact anyway.

These heroic and brave racers were the true pioneers and developers of what was eventually to become a huge and global event. The Birth of F1 Hoverpod® Racing was just one of many motor sports to embrace the developments in technology and re-discover that most people have developed a competitive spirit, quite often that is just sat behind the steering wheel of the family car.} {In so many ways this was what inspired and encouraged the birth of Hoverpod® from just a mad idea to which has gaining so much attention from all walks of life from around the world.

Many Motor Sport’s are so similar and rarely differ. They are based upon and engine and a driver but have been slightly taken over by technology and how computer programers that have become all too intrusive to the point where the driver now simply directs and steers the product but has little in the way of controling the way the vehicle performs or reacts to situations in advance. The outcome is that the fun has long since been removed and the judgement of the driver has become non extracted from the equation. This has been replaced by something to which has no soul or personality and goes by the name of “software programs”. EEeek. smiley

It all makes sence when the dreaded “Health & Safety” comes into play. It always makes the correct decisions in a zillionth of a second and always gets it 100% right at every time but so does all the other other vehicle in the same race, so where is the excitement and where did the unpredictability go if all the racers are doing the same thing at the same time ?. The exact same place that the fun and drama went also, Down hill and into the drain and missery hole.

F1 Hoverpod® Racing is a 100% totally new idea from the UK which has in many ways gone back in time to research what is lacking and missing in Motor Sport that could be put back and create an exciting and dramatic event by utilising cutting edge technology to create a world beating product but with the clear and critical decision that the driver (known as a pilot) is in control and making all the key decisions and not some piece silicone or soulless computer program, it is 100% the pilots decision what the vehicle and race demands to win the race or what the conditions require in order to take advantage of the situation at the time.

If you are one of those very sorryful souls who call themselves a loyal supporter of Motor Sport, I would go check out F1 Hoverpod® Racing where you will find the experience and unpredictability of a lifetime is just waiting for people like you and of all ages and all walks of life to test their reactions and skills with a 100% unrestricted vehicle capable of making the hairs on the back of your neck go grey and stand tall within the first 30 seconds. All this whilst you accelerate across and stretch of open land heading at high speed for the water’s edge and just when you thought you would stop, you will continue at full speed across open water and back to land.“Wow”, I hear you say, this dream has a happy ending with F1 Hoverpod Racing ?

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