February 2011

The world has become a very strange place to be in over the
last few months with many natural disasters ranging from Major Snow Storms in
the East of the USA through to Life Changing Floods in Australia, followed by
major political upheaval in several countries within the Middle East. Gosh, how
so many things have changed within such a short period of 2011 which brings me
nicely to the developments at F1
Hoverpod Ltd
who have increased and strengthened its Management Team and developed some new systems
such as logistics and manufacture partner relationships. I’m not permitted to
say too much on this subject just now but be prepared for some major
announcements over the coming months.

Over the Winter Months with the group of companies there has
been lots of movement in relation to technical advancement and testing with the
F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Team
and the advantage of the adverse weather gave the team a good reason to test
indoors despite the ability to take snow, ice or most weather conditions in its

The Eagle Eyed Blog Readers will have noted that we have
teamed up with several editorial and publishing
companies as well as some interesting video
showing how helpful a Hovercraft can be when permitted to
demonstrate it’s ability.

Our Corporate WordPress
appears to be the place where most readers leave their comments and
supporting words but I can confirm we have many others and they are all full of
interesting items for you to read.

We do have some major news
just around the corner and I hope to be able to share this with you very soon
and you can still follow us on Facebook and Twitter as many of you already
have done and the corporate My
is there for those who enjoy sharing information In the meantime,
thank you all for your support and keep the views and comments coming through.

Team Manager