March 21st 2011

Today I am permitted to share some announcements regarding
engine technology and the partners involved in the systems used. Let’s start
this blog with the exciting news that I have been officially approved to share
with you all. Toxic emissions are down and useable power up. The extensive
testing and in-depth research to which has been conducted and demanded over a 12
month period within Europe has used some brand new technology that has been
specifically designed to improve and increase the power output on the “Manx GT”
which will be provided with a 85bhp twin cylinder engine that is very efficient
and capable of reducing emissions by up to 80% over conventional four stroke
engines. This has a major feature of reduced service intervals due to lack of
carbon build up and more efficient fuel chamber and combustion burning process
. This is a world first and for Hovercraft
is a 100% unique feature that is exclusive to the Hoverpod and as we have been
saying for a while, “Rome was not built in a day” and patience and
persistence will always provide a positive result in the end. In F1 Hoverpod Racing’s case, it’s
provided a World Beating Result to which when launched will take the Hoverpod
into a different league. smiley

At this point, I need to share with you a few words about
our technology partners. The first of
these is a world beating engine manufacturer and power plant technology centre
that provided a platform of testing and “Grade A” research teams that
is in a class of its own. The fuel system has undergone extensive development
and testing, once again this was within Europe and the UK in order to develop
an engine management software system that provides the maximum benefits in
order to create the perfect solution for balance and power. The fuel efficiency
combined with the power provided by the engine technology brings together a
perfect harmony of instant response and super efficient emission reduction. “Once
again, this is a world first for F1

The fuel storage tank and refuelling system has been
developed by a co-operating between a the World’s Number One within this key
area who specialise in this light weight materials design who’s development
team is based in Norway. This Partnership and collaboration had a working
budget of over $5m in order to produce this unique system and F1 Hoverpod Ltd will be the very first
vehicle in the world to use this system on a production vehicle. The result of
this combination in which the customer is the beneficiary is a super light and
very versatile craft that has class beating power ratios and a world beating
emission reduction. “Wow”.

It only leaves the team at F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Ltd with
one a single thing left to do and for us to do and is the most important one of
all. It is a humble message to all the development centres involved for all of
their hard work and commitment to the project and a Huge Thank You to you all
from all the whole team at F1
Hoverpod Racing

Team Manager smiley