Ref: Ripoff Report.

This is an official response to the negative posting placed on the internet several years ago under the title Ripoff Report to which was designed with the sole purpose of creating maximum damage to any person or business mentioned on said report.

The comments posted on Ripoff Report with the title F1 Hoverpod Ltd or F1 Hoverpod Racing in the comments was under investigation by the leading search engines Bing, Yahoo and Google to which after conducting there own investigation and viewing the evidence provided by ourselves to support the process of investigation, it was finally deemed that the comments were 100% false and posted by two parties with the only conclusion being that one was a competitor (we all know what the Reaction to that will be) and the other posting was by an ex employee to which F1 Hoverpod Ltd cooperated with the UK Government in the investigation into his Tax evasion and false Benefits claims in the UK.

I am now pleased to say that “All The Major Search Engines” have removed Rip off Report from their sites and complied fully with the Law of the Land in the countries to which F1 Hoverpod Ltd requested the false and libel comments that were displayed, be removed.

I would now wish to formally thank the whole team at Bing, Yahoo & Google for the kind, sensitive and very professional way in wich they all dealt with this issue and thank the people out there who sent letters and e-mails of support to ourselves throughout this whole dark period but lifted our spirits with such kind words of support.

This now draws a closeure to the issue for the team at F1 Hoverpod Ltd and only leaves it to the lawyers in this instance to make a meal of what is to come with the guilty parties involved who will shortly be persued by the Lawyers and there Investigation Teams.

Team Manager