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January 2011

Breaking News Posted on Mon, January 31, 2011 11:58:01

How did January go so Quickly. Did I miss it ?

How did so much appear to happen in the world in sch a short space of time. Sometimes I feel the pace of life is gaining momentum and the time left is deminishing a little too quickly, I think they call it old age.

Anyway, now for some updated news from the World of Motor Sport. To our loyal and devoted readers of the blogs, you will recall that last week I reminded you all that it was 100 years of celebrating and enjoying the Monte Carlo Rally. I’m sure that many petrol heads were well aware of this well known fact anyway.

These heroic and brave racers were the true pioneers and developers of what was eventually to become a huge and global event. The Birth of F1 Hoverpod® Racing was just one of many motor sports to embrace the developments in technology and re-discover that most people have developed a competitive spirit, quite often that is just sat behind the steering wheel of the family car.} {In so many ways this was what inspired and encouraged the birth of Hoverpod® from just a mad idea to which has gaining so much attention from all walks of life from around the world.

Many Motor Sport’s are so similar and rarely differ. They are based upon and engine and a driver but have been slightly taken over by technology and how computer programers that have become all too intrusive to the point where the driver now simply directs and steers the product but has little in the way of controling the way the vehicle performs or reacts to situations in advance. The outcome is that the fun has long since been removed and the judgement of the driver has become non extracted from the equation. This has been replaced by something to which has no soul or personality and goes by the name of “software programs”. EEeek. smiley

It all makes sence when the dreaded “Health & Safety” comes into play. It always makes the correct decisions in a zillionth of a second and always gets it 100% right at every time but so does all the other other vehicle in the same race, so where is the excitement and where did the unpredictability go if all the racers are doing the same thing at the same time ?. The exact same place that the fun and drama went also, Down hill and into the drain and missery hole.

F1 Hoverpod® Racing is a 100% totally new idea from the UK which has in many ways gone back in time to research what is lacking and missing in Motor Sport that could be put back and create an exciting and dramatic event by utilising cutting edge technology to create a world beating product but with the clear and critical decision that the driver (known as a pilot) is in control and making all the key decisions and not some piece silicone or soulless computer program, it is 100% the pilots decision what the vehicle and race demands to win the race or what the conditions require in order to take advantage of the situation at the time.

If you are one of those very sorryful souls who call themselves a loyal supporter of Motor Sport, I would go check out F1 Hoverpod® Racing where you will find the experience and unpredictability of a lifetime is just waiting for people like you and of all ages and all walks of life to test their reactions and skills with a 100% unrestricted vehicle capable of making the hairs on the back of your neck go grey and stand tall within the first 30 seconds. All this whilst you accelerate across and stretch of open land heading at high speed for the water’s edge and just when you thought you would stop, you will continue at full speed across open water and back to land.“Wow”, I hear you say, this dream has a happy ending with F1 Hoverpod Racing ?

Check out F1 Hoverpod® Racing at

Team Manager.

Latest Up Date in 2010

Breaking News Posted on Sun, October 10, 2010 12:58:24

It’s now officially the start of Autumn here in the UK and
whilst the supporters of F1 Hoverpod®
in Australia won’t quite understand the changes in temperatures which
happen here in the UK, you can be assured that it’s getting cold but with an
air of beauty as the colours of the trees and the migrating birds have left the
sky’s quite empty is an early sign of what’s to come.

For those who are of the know and saw the press awards
section over October, you will be aware that F1 Hoverpod® Racing won it’s second “Sir Christopher Cockrell”
award which was presented at the London
College of Art
for design and
excellence and as always we are immensely proud of our achievements and very
grateful to the College of Art for it’s continued support.

Moving ahead with the research of material to be used within
the structure of the hull section we have some excellent news that will provide
F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture Ltd with a composite weave that is 21st
century technology and will provide the Hoverpod® with a structure that has
both strength and durability at it’s core and provides the peace of mind to the
customer that the product will require the minimum of maintenance over it’s
lifetime and always perform to it’s maximum potential for many years to come and
with the added comfort of “No Ugly Sticky Patches” to hide the failure or weak

The final and most rewarding news was the thorough enquiry
by the internet investigation team into the continued slander and libel
comments posted on the internet by a competitor to which has now been proven to
be the case. I should not have to say any more than the Reaction was to lie and
deny but the truth was provided by an impartial and investigative body to which
could not be denied. The result being that the comments have now been removed
and any further comments will be traced. I recommend you view
as to the outcome. Whilst I am now provided with a clear and conclusive
pathway to sue for damages if we so wish or desired, after acquiring a copy of
the accounts of some almost 11 years of trading, appears that a Lawyers Bill of
as much as £20,000 to sue a company who are already showing to have nothing and
no cash would be to become a bigger fool than they are. As such, I prefer to
let the facts speak for themselves and our motto of “Honesty in the face of
Adversity” would be the way forward. I dare say that we will celebrate when the
Reaction finally comes to the end of it’s days.

Keep watching the blogs for some news regarding some new appointments
to the management team which shows the continued expansion is still on target.

Keep the faith.

Team Manager. smiley

Latest Up Date !!!

Breaking News Posted on Thu, September 09, 2010 16:34:21

{World of Motor Sport News Update.}
{It was quite a dissapointing and in some ways rather sad day for all those who enjoy, follow and support Motor Sport. Todays news relates to F1 Motor Car Racing as the announcement from the FIA in relation to the team orders of Ferrari in the German Grand Prix of 2010 was announced rather quietly overnight and almost in seceret for whatever reason ?.}
{The result as the cynical might have expected rather negative with a “no further action to be taken” as the final outcome was announced late last night.} {For me and I sussspect many others is that it rather kills the some if not all of the excitement surrounding Motor Sport and if the rules are laid down for all to follow, why is there the exception for the team in red ?.}
{Over the period of August in F1 Motor Sport one of the most exciting things to come out of such a mid season period of Motor Sport was a real pleasure to watch and that was the worlds most experienced driver (Rubens) beating the Stig from Top Gear.} {On the downside, it was a sad day in the UK Courts when the Stig was finally revealed from under his white helmet.} {“When does confidentiality mean total confidentiality in the UK ”.} {Just because someone wants to sell a book, this should not signal that they mean they have every or any right to revoke on a confidentiality agreement actively in place to protect the secrecy of the individual if it had already been agreed at the outset to keep the privacy as part of the mistique of the theme.} {Once again, a bit of a let down and I hope a “New” and hopefully more loyal Stig can be found with the old one left trying to sell a book that nobody really wants in order to further his carreer !!!.}

{On a positive and more constructive note.}
{The whole philosophy behind F1 Hoverpod® Racing is that fairness but competitive spirit be the driving force behind all the race programs.} {In each and every race an identical product will be used. This is designed to be fairly tweaked in order to maximise the potential on the day and is presently in the process of being designed.} {This will provide many benefits ranging from either more thrust or greater lift so as to challenge the technicians to the max on the racing days.} {Whilst the standard vehicle (Manx GT) will all be the same standard, there are some features that will provide and allow the technical minded with the opportunity to manage greater air flow or additional lift in order to make the very best of the conditions on the race day.}
{Keep a very close eye on the web site at www.}{formulahoverpod.}{com and the many blogs in order to keep up with the progress at F1 Hoverpod® Manufacture. We make it our policy not to send your e-mail deatils to third partis and as such you are quite free to subscribe to our sites with 100% confidence. Please feel free to follow us on twitter at www.}{twitter.}{com/f1hoverpod}

Progress in Late Summer

Breaking News Posted on Sun, August 29, 2010 16:20:30

Autumn with F1 Hoverpod® Racing

Whilst the summer nights of warm breeze and dry days is fast
leaving us behind, this does spell the time for testing for F1 Hoverpod® Racing
as the beaches and coastline are largely empty and very quiet. Some of the
testing is completed on a North Lincolnshire airfield which was abandoned after
the end of the second world war but was home to some of the flying fortress
aircraft from the USA. The concrete runway is ideal for land based testing and
as the sea and in particular Donna
which once again has an association and history with world war 2 as it
was (and still is) a RAF testing and bombing site.

Report and update provided by:

Team Promoter

The Patches Story

Breaking News Posted on Mon, August 16, 2010 19:56:42

The Contravesy relating to “Patches” is apprently at the forefront of this blog, the reason…………………well, I suppose it’s easy to live in denial but “not fit for purpose or catastrophic failure is what it amounts to. smiley

For those who missed the “Reaction” to the comments posted recently, what I said was that I was aware of some lesser or cheaper hovercraft manufacturers turning out low grade products that were now being provided with a sticky patch on the hull in order to assist in longevity. OK !!. The reality is that this is an admission that the product has a failure area in the structure which sticky plasters or band aids will not ultimately help in the long term. They are mearly a short term answer and not a long term solution and to that end I stand by the comments. smiley

A solution can be reached by a total re-design of the hull structure and by using quality materials as used in both the aviation and marine industries, complete with a whole new design will erradicate the issue for good and remove the use of those Ugly Sticky Patches for ever. smiley

Here at F1 Hoverpod Racing we have one very simple policy which is to provide a world beating product and once again we are on course to achieve this. smiley

Team Manager
F1 Hoverpod Racing.

Official News

Breaking News Posted on Sun, August 08, 2010 15:03:31

I have just arrived back from a short visit to Belgium which for some reason meant going through Holland (flight & transfer) at a time when the Dutch were about to play the Spanish in the final of the world cup. I would like to say here and now that despite the rather tough and some may say less than sporty play by the Dutch, the atmosphere was 101% fantastic. It was almost a shame they lost !!!!!. smiley

Anyway, on the possitive front, the summer has arrived in the UK and despite many of our partners closing down for the summer break, we are still in action and pushing forward at a good rate of knotts. smiley
We wish all our fellow enthusiasts and amateur racers a very successfull summer and good luck in your events. Please observe safety at all time and keep an awareness for the environment as it’s the season of love for most animals in the UK.

Keep smiling

The Team Manager smiley

F1 Hoverpod Racing

Breaking News Posted on Sun, July 25, 2010 19:32:27

In order to keep the commitment of promise to you all, I have received approval to provide you all with a simple but important update from F1 Hoverpod Racing and it’s associated companies/team members. This relates to some very important research that has been undertaken by the Research Department at a very reputable institution.

The research found that in many cheap and inferior products on the market, a common fault has been identified with the hull structure which ultimately resluts in failure. The companies to whom are suffering such a catastrofic Reaction to their product failures have created a simple and cheap patch that is glued into place to help stregthen the offending problem area. Oh dear !!!.

Quality is something to which F1 Hoverpod Ltd will not compremise for whatever reason. Lets face it, you can cover a fault with a band aid but in reality the problem should never be their in the first place. Remeber the Titanic ?

F1 Hoverpod Ltd and it’s associate company F1 Hoverpod Manufacture Ltd has spent over 18 months researching this inherent problem to which in itself is a design fault and could have been prevented if the correct procedures and qualified designers had been involved.

F1 Hoverpod Manufacture has recently made a significant breakthrough in composite weave and materials with a solution that will be a world first. In addition, with a ground breaking hull design, the longevity of the structure is ensured from the outset.

Watch this space for up dates or follow us on Here to keep up dated on a minuet by minuet basis.

Team Manager smiley

F1 Hoverpod Racing

Breaking News Posted on Fri, July 09, 2010 08:12:13

Formula Hoverpod® Racing

The summer of 2010 in the Northern Hemisphere has finally
arrived and the World Cup Football Competition has got off to a surprising
start with many of the predicted big teams who were expected to go a long way
in the competition, already on the plane going back home and that includes the
big names such as France, Italy, England & Brazil. Followed by Portugal and
Argentina with a rather disappointing performance from all the African Nations
of which a lot was expected from some of them which was a major let down to all
the football supporters expecting a breakthrough from an African Team at last.

For the F1
Hoverpod Racing
program, it’s business as usual. The interest shown in Formula Hoverpod as a series has
widened to include both Australia and India
with good expectations from both of these nations expected to develop as time
goes on. As expected, the controversy surrounding the new propeller blade
ranges from gossip to liable but all will be put to bed when we reveal the
technology in the very near future.

A personal thank you to all the hovercraft fraternity who
keep reporting the statements from the Hovplod
abusers and we have followed them all up and whilst I cant say too much, action
is under way. The only problem being that one can sue, but sue what ?. The
accounts show a huge hole in the bank balance and whilst it’s expected that
ebay will probably benefit from the cheapness of the product, we are not
confident of any damages claim against a company which has been failing for so
long and with such consistency of accounting irregularity.

We hope all the HCGB racing goes well through the summer and
the good weather holds up for you guys.

Keep the support coming guys as this helps to keep the good
atmosphere working well at F1HP, the Reaction is something we can all predict.
It normally goes like *********** etc but the amateur nature
of the abuse is easily dealt with by professionals. Watch this space for an
update shortly………………………….oh and a result.


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